Mission Critical – We Are Data Center Generator Exhaust Experts


Atlantic Venting Solutions is proud to be Schebler Chimney Systems exclusive distributor for mission-critical data center generator exhaust systems in the states where AVS and our sister companies operate: MD, DC, VA, FL, TX, AZ, and CA. 

Over the last 20 years, our sister companies have partnered with contractors and end users across northern Virginia, as data centers for the world’s leading tech companies have been built across the region. The AVS team has become experts at the unique challenges presented by data center construction. By definition, data centers are critical business operations that demand zero downtime. A single data center can have 20, 30, or more standby generators that all need to be vented, often requiring 30-50 foot stacks. It is our responsibility to route the exhausts for all of these generators so they are safe, secure, and will absolutely run efficiently and reliably as needed.

Experience matters – because each data center generator exhaust project is unique

Our partners depend on our discretion and specialized knowledge of this key data center equipment. We review and identify any constructability deficiencies before the building begins. It can be as simple as engineers not properly allowing for EPA test ports, or more serious concerns about weight transference and thermal expansion. Our experience with data center generator exhaust keeps us aware of many potential problems.

Section of data center generator exhaust systems
Schebler Chimney Systems Model P4 generator exhaust

These generator engines typically have weatherized enclosures. The engine-supplied ductwork must connect and continue original path support. Proper rigid, heavy-duty flange connections are required to allow the flue to cantilever off and minimize weight transference to the engine ductwork.

AVS has been a part of the industry as equipment and best practices have evolved. We learn more and more every day and work closely with the engineers at Schebler Chimney Systems for each project. We depend on their factory-fabricated flue systems and stacks. They are precise, UL Listed, and proven to perform at the highest standards.

If you are a manufacturer or customer and have questions about Mission Critical – data center generator exhaust, or any other venting needs, please use our Contact Page to reach out. 

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