Factory engineered venting and stacks minimize the need for welding and can be tailored to virtually any specification.

Comprehensive polypropylene flue gas systems – InnoFlue® is lightweight and non-corrosive. 

High-quality mechanical draft systems and integrated venting design solutions custom-built systems for each building project.  

Draft controls, draft regulators, vent dampers the world’s leading supplier of controls that optimize the efficiency of heating appliances. 

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Schebler Chimney Systems offers custom, modular prefabricated stainless-steel chimneys, heavy wall engineered stacks, food service grease ducts, special gas venting systems and generator exhaust systems with quality safety ratings at competitive prices. 

  • Special Gas Venting 
  • Sequence Draft Control 
  • Generator Exhaust 
  • Double Wall Grease Ducts 
  • Engineered Stacks 
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Centrotherm’s Innoflue® product lines offer the most comprehensive polypropylene flue gas systems in the industry.
  • InnoFlue® Flex 
  • InnoFlue® Concentric 
  • InnoFlue®  Single Wall Commercial 

InnoFlue® uses industry leading, flame retardant polypropylene technology to construct single wall, gasketed, flexible vent pipes and accessories. InnoFlue® products provide superior corrosion protection throughout. Lightweight polypropylene eliminates installation fatigue associated with most common venting materials. 

InnoFlue® Flex is used to vent individual appliances and can be combined with InnoFlue’s other products. 

InnoFlue® Concentric integrates their Single Wall, flame retardant, polypropylene special gas vent technology and white powder coated metal outers. This integrated system allows both flue gases and fresh air to flow through a single component, reducing installation time and roof or wall penetrations.

InnoFlue® Single Wall Special Gas Vent Systems provide single wall gasketed rigid vent pipes, fittings and accessories. InnoFlue® Single Wall Commercial can be configured to vent individual appliances or cascaded to form a common vent system.  

InnoFlue® is tested by InterTek to UL-1738 and ULC-S636. InnoFlue® polypropylene special gas vent systems are zero clearance to combustibles in all applications.

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ENERVEX is a world-leading supplier of mechanical draft systems and integrated venting design solutions. They introduced the industry’s first mechanical draft fan in 1958 and today deliver custom-built, one-stop venting systems from boiler outlet to chimney termination.

ENERVEX evaluates and builds every solution from the ground up with careful evaluation of the unique cost variables and long-term financial savings for each customer. Through superior manufacturing technology and decades of experience, we’re delivering high-quality, listed and certified venting solutions that are economical, environmentally sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and code compliant.

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  • Barometric Draft Controls

  • Combustion Air Systems

Field Controls is the world’s leading supplier of Draft Controls, Draft Regulators, and Vent Dampers that optimize the efficiency of heating appliances. Depend on their Power Venters and Combustion Air Systems to improve efficiency and safety.